Forbidden Myth – ‘Zantea Chronicles: The Dream Dominator’ Review

Forbidden Myth Forbidden Myth – “Zantea Chronicles: The Dream Dominator” The world of Zantea was a cursed land ruled by mad kings under the influence of the dark spirit, Vosar. In an epic battle, the spirit of dawn, Ovaris, defeated the dark lord Vosar and freed the realm of his spell but along with the fall of Vosar the magic was vanquished from the land.

After the fall of the dark spirit, in the land of Zantea a kingdom rose mighty, surpassing every other in wealth and power. That realm was called Mirandor and its ruler was the king Morzan who took as his wife the priestess of Ovaris, Roziel. The priestess soon bore a child, a daughter that the kind and queen had seen in their dreams, the luminescent girl Sirin.

The “Zantea Chronicles: The Dream Dominator” is the debut album of the epic rock project of the songwriter Antonis Adelfidis, based on the fantasy world created by Myrto Gregoriadi.

The Forbidden Myth’s debut is a theatrical in a record format. Eight vocalists take up the roles of the protagonists, giving an actual feeling of interaction among the characters of the story.

Musically, the “Zantea Chronicles: The Dream Dominator” is an epic rock album that extends from epic and progressive rock to the heavy metal genre. But while it travels through riff dominant genres, in the album there are no electric guitars or bass. All the compositions are arranged around pianos, synthesizers and drums. Strangely and fortunately enough, the lack of guitars and bass has no effect and you will find out that you won’t even miss them.

While it is a music album and the success of the musical aspect is essential, without the story this concept album could never exist. Myrto wrote a beautiful magical tale, but most importantly she constructed from scratch a fantasy world that has its own universe and lore.

But how can I know about the existence of a Zantea universe? Well, there is the word chronicles in the title. And you can’t have chronicles with only one tale and along with the chronicles a small universe is created.

The Forbidden Myth’s is an amazing concept album executed and expressed perfectly both musically and lyrically. The album has a listening span of 100 minutes but while it might sound a lot you will get so invested in the story that you won’t even notice it. The “Zantea Chronicles: The Dream Dominator” is the proof that when a great writer meets a musical mind the result is bound to be amazing.