Former EXODUS’ Vocalist ROB DUKES On GARY HOLT: ‘He Abandoned EXODUS to Join SLAYER.’

In an interview with Psichology Today – yeah, that’s right – former Exodus‘ vocalist Rob Dukes talked about his emotions, feelings, parents, and Gary Holt!

His opinion is that Holt’s first priority was Slayer, thus limiting the amount of touring that Exodus could do.

“Gary was the center of Exodus. And when Slayer came calling, he abandoned Exodus to join Slayer — gave up his whole career, his job, a job he built from the ground up — and he left it in the hands of other people to join Slayer,” Dukes described. “To be in that band, that amazing band… I’m not judging the guy for that. But at the same time, you abandoned five friends who stood by you and toured with you for ten years.”

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