Former HELIX Guitarist DANIEL FAWCETT Found Murdered In Ontario

Daniel Fawcett

The tragic news was reported today that Daniel Fawcett, former guitarist of the Canadian hard rock band HELIX, was found murdered early Sunday morning. He was only 52 years old.

HELIX frontman Brian Vollmer confirmed Fawcett‘s passing, writing in a Facebook post: What a sad day… Yesterday Dan Fawcett, who played guitar for HELIX around 2000, was found murdered in a North London park. Dan was a sweet guy-always smiling-and a great guitar player as well. No details have been released yet, so there’s little more I can say here. All I can say is that both [my wife] Lynda and I are in shock.”

Around 6:45 a.m., emergency crews found Fawcett unresponsive near the bottom of the Grosvenor Street hill leading into Gibbons Park in London, Ontario, Canada,” according to Global News. They began life-saving measures, but Daniel was pronounced dead shortly thereafter, police said.

Daniel‘s longtime friend and fellow musician Tim E. Hendry told Global News: “We played in so many different bands together for years and years. I think every band I ever played drums in in London, Dan at one point had to be the guitar player. He was the lead guitarist in my Elvis show up there, TIM E. & THE YES MEN. He could play that chicken pickin’, beautiful, James Burton, Telecaster-clean sound, and then the next night he can go and play Ozzy Osbourne or go play for HELIX or something like that.”

 “Dan was loved so much beyond his incredible talent on the guitar. He was just one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet, and we just can’t fathom why anybody would do this to him. He wouldn’t hurt a flea. He was just so kind-hearted, and all he cared about was his friends, his music, and his especially his beautiful daughter. What a tragic loss for such a beautiful soul to be taken away way too early.”