Former OF MICE & MEN Singer AUSTIN CARLILE Responds To Sexual Assault Accusations

Austin Carlile

Austin Carlile, the former frontman OF MICE & MEN, has denied multiple claims of sexual misconduct, which were posted by an alleged victim on social media. The singer has been accused of sexually assaulting several women.

The accusations against Carlile were widely circulated following a Twitter thread by Jonathan Stiffler, the husband of one of the singer’s accusers.

The comments came in response to an article published by Alternative Press covering Carlile‘s June 4 Tweet concerning the media, the Black Lives Matter movement and Covid-19 where Carlile proclaimed that Jesus “is coming back soon.” You can read full accusations here.

Carlile‘s full statement reads as follows: “In my younger years, I absolutely was not the best person, but I have never physically abused, preyed upon, forced myself upon, or drugged any woman. These accusations are false and defamatory.

“I am not a perfect person: I smoked marijuana daily, drank often, got into fights and acted like a j*rk more times than I can count. I did things and acted in ways that I am not proud of, but never have I violated anyone. These ‘accusations’ being thrown around on social media, in our current ‘cancel culture’ climate, are extremely heinous and completely without merit.

“My wife is a molestation and rape survivor, and I have personally seen the deep, long-standing pain that she battles with every day. I have spent years surrendering my flesh over to God, allowing Him to constantly improve who I am as a man, husband, and father. During this past week, I have even had the joy of seeing the heartbeat of my new child for the very first time. Today, I am focused on supporting my pregnant wife, our daughter, this new blessing in our lives, my health, my wife’s health, and striving to be a better person every day.

“These accusations have been investigated by the appropriate authorities as well as independent journalists and were determined to be unfounded. I apologize to the Marfan FoundationI Am Second, my former bandmates and any of our dedicated fans who have been unjustly brought into this controversy and wish them all nothing but the best.

“All women deserve to feel safe, supported, and heard, but these unjust attacks upon my family and accusations against me, are decades-old claims that are unfounded.”