FRACTAL CYPHER Unveil Track Listing And Artwork For ‘Prelude To An Impending Outcome’

Fractal Cypher

Montreal prog quartet FRACTAL CYPHER are getting ready to release their mini-album “Prelude To An Impending Outcome” in November and have just unveiled the artwork and the track listing. This 4 song mini-album promises to be a roller coaster of genres across completely different sounding songs with intimate lyrics influenced by personal experiences.

“Prelude To An Impending Outcome is a mini album of 4 songs that are completely different from one to another to create a maximum roller coaster effect and make it non linear and interesting to listen to. The clash of style is more important and more obvious than our previous album, but the songs have gained in maturity in term of songwriting and sound. The vibe of this album is really more intimate, due to the lyrics and the overall ambiance/universe of the songs. The melodic side of the band is still really present, offering catchy vocal lines and outstanding solos all over the songs.”FRACTAL CYPHER

Each track has a different prominent genre influence from power ballad, blues, djent and jazz with the band’s heavy and melodic base as an anchor. The album artwork was done by Silent Q Design out of Montreal and foreshadows the moody and existential prog metal that lies within. Although this album is more intimate with different textures and influences, the reception to its predecessor should be a prime indication of the talents of FRACTAL CYPHER; this next release is sure to be a masterwork.

Fractal Cypher Album Cover