FRANK BELLO: ‘New ANTHRAX Album Will Be Intense And Angry’

Frank Bello
Photo credit: Getty Images

Jimmy Kay From Canada’s The Metal Voice recently spoke to ANTHRAX and ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE bassist Frank Bello.

Bello talked about his new debut full length album with ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE called Get It Out (release Jan 18 2019 Megaforce) where he collaborates with MEGADETH‘s David Ellefson, being inducted into the Hall of Heavy Metal History on January 23 2019, as well what stage ANTHRAX is at writing their new album.

Speaking about the new ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE new album Get It Out:

“We’ve worked on this thing so much and so hard. We have been getting the feedback from people and it’s really exciting to hear that people are digging the songs they’ve heard so far, we couldn’t be happier.  Everybody knows this is a heavy rock record it’s not a metal record, we just wanted to put out good songs and have fun with it.”

When asked about the inspiration of the lyrics on the album, Bello responded:

“I don’t try to be somebody I am not. I just feed off my life experiences and I find it like a therapy that I need to Get It Out  hence the name of the record. I really felt like I had  to get a lot of things out of me  lyrically. Song wise there is a lot of passion in there  I’ve had anger issues forever and it’s from growing up.

“My dad left my family of 5 when I was 10 years old  he left us with no money and I grew up poor.  I’m hoping I can connect to those people that have had the same hardships in their lives as me and hopefully they could rise above it all like i did. It’s really important to me is to pass the torch. Different kinds of topics on this album like losing my brother who was murdered when he was 23 years old at the prime of life and that obviously had a lot a big effect on me and my family.  There’s a lot of my life experiences in this record so it’s just things that I needed to express.”

He was also asked about his singing on the album:

“The only reason why I wanted to sing on this record was because it was just  easier to create the songs the way I wanted them to come across.
I’ve been studying singing with Melissa Cross for quite a while now in New York and she’s teaching me the whole thing of breathing and all that stuff I didn’t realize the dedication you needed to be a singer and I really appreciate it.”

Speaking about the status of new ANTHRAX album, Frank said:

“In terms of ANTHRAX‘s new album everybody has their own collection of ideas. Scott [Ian] , Charlie [Benante] and I will get together in two and a half weeks and we will start going through the ideas and we will start putting something together.  We start  right at NAMM (Jan 24-27) week. 

“We will be getting together as ANTHRAX and writing songs. I am very excited to see what we will come up with. We have lots of good energy right now  and this is good for a new record because it’s an angry place and I could you just feel it. I’m very excited to see what we come up with because I don’t know quite yet what it will sound like. We’re just going to bounce ideas off of each other and I’m sure every body’s going to bring it but I do know there will be angry and it’s going to be intense.”