FRANKIOR’S ‘Sky and Soil’

Frank Richter aka FRANKIOR is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from the Frankfurt a.M. area (Germany) with focus on vocals and guitars. For over two decades now, he has passionately written, produced and performed a wide variety of music, always looking for the next inspiration.

He was the longtime singer for the German Melodic Death Metal band ALL WILL KNOW from 2013 to 2018, co-writing, co-producing and releasing two albums with the band (”Deeper Into Time” and “Infinitas”) and touring internationally. After playing a short tour with the band in Cuba, he left the band to focus on a few private matters as well as to work on music that would not have really resonated with the band at that time.

After that, as the Covid pandemic hit the world, he has started building a community as a music streamer on Twitch in 2020. In the beginning the live streaming was actually meant to be a “reason to keep practicing”, so he would be prepared as soon as live shows would become a thing again. But quite soon he developed a passion for streaming and entertaining people with his music through this new medium, which was mostly known for gaming before. In this endeavor he has also started releasing music as a solo artist with his first EP “The Heart of It All” in 2021, which was very well received by his community.

In October 2022, his second solo record “Sky And Soil” is released to the public. A record on which every song has a unique voice to it while still in the overall context creating a fulfilling, cohesive experience. With the second release, Frankior is starting to find his own voice like never before. There were no expectations except “the songs have to be good”, no stylistic boundaries and so he became more comfortable with writing songs that would not work in the context of his bands, but that he always wanted to write.

In addition to his solo project, he also is the main songwriter and guitarist for the Blackened Death Metal band ORCUS PATERA, with which he has been playing since 2010, as well as the lead guitarist for the modern Metal band PENTARIUM since 2022. In 2023 he wants to start building a live band to start performing his solo work as well.

Band Line-Up:
Frank Richter aka Frankior – Everything

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