FreaKings – Toxic End

Anger! A lot of anger! Listening to FreaKings’s “Toxic End” made me wonder how it would to be behind a sonorous machine gun. FreaKings are a hardcore thrash band. Old school to the bone! Really no concessions at all. No slow songs to dance cheek to cheek! Politicians? Die you all! Nuclear and toxic waste? Damn you all! And that’s the true spirit! Write Metal songs to say that the day is sunny and warm? No way! This world is a terrible place full of evil doers and menacing people. That’s one of the million things that I like in Metal.

FreaKings are heavily inspired on Slayer’s first records. No doubt about it. And “Toxic End” proves it right. The right-to-the-guts lyrics are something to highlight here. Themes like “Price Of Freedom” make us think in this cynic Trump era. The tittle track, “Toxic End”, was real 30 years ago during the thrash golden times as it is now. The opening track, “Hell On Earth”, explains itself in the most realistic way. We are hell! Or in hell if you may! There’s only one concession: “Beer Attack”, but I really don’t know what they meant… Cold or as in England?

FreaKings guitarrist teaches a lesson about the meaning of a sharp guitar in “No More Excuses”. Precise and right to the point solos. Threatening riffs give the way to “Wave Of Pain” fitting perfectly to the theme proposal. Vocals are so acid as “Toxic End”‘s album cover. And angry, very angry. But ballistic would suit better vocals in “Violent Desaster” and “Friendly Fire”, I guess. How about the drums? Well, some machine guns are slower…

Track Listing:

  1. Hell On Earth
  2. Future Vision
  3. Violent Disaster
  4. TxWxNxD
  5. Toxic End
  6. Friendly Fire
  7. Brain Dead
  8. Price Of Freedom
  9. Wave Of Pain
  10. Beer Attack
  11. No More Excuses

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