Freakstorm – From Zero

You all know how I love female-fronted bands and you also know my opinion about EPs. The problem with them is when there are so few songs that makes it difficult to write about the band. Three ou four sometimes songs are enough to write about, but less than this makes the task impossible. From where I’m standing it’s not fair to pass a judgement on an album on only one or two songs. I’m so sorry, I can’t do that.

Here we have Freakstorm with “From Zero,” their second effort with the voice of Sinah Meier one more female vocalist to try to make our so male scene a bit more female. The press release says that Freakstorm are a hard rock with influences of AC/DC and Scorpions and from that comes the first disagreement. So sorry, I wasn’t able to find any trace of those bands in “From Zero” which is much more related to the modern versions of some people call rock or alternative rock. In fact, Sinah Meier’s voice, though nice and warm, is much more near some famous pop singers that I don’t dare to say their names here. No problem at all with that, her voice is great and Freakstorm are a solid band, however, the problem is that I couldn’t find the relations the press release tells. Only that. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t know.

Freakstorm do try to get near the 1980s Hard Rock, but their modern influences are too much for them to handle. There is also an acoustic ballad as it is mandatory in every Hard Rock album, but it does sound modern. By the way, go first to “We Got the Fire” and please tell me which influences are stronger in it. Then you tell me if I am right or wrong in what I say. To be fair, on second thought, from the scond minute on with the guitar solo and the guitar riff things get near the 1980s, but all the song sounds much more modern as all the album. By the way, I don’t recall to have heard any other guitar solo than in “We Got the Fire.”

Freakstorm’s “From Zero” is an album to modern hard rockers and to those who love the pop grip they apply in it. Don’t get me wrong with it.

Freakstorm “From Zero” was released on October 18th via Major Promo Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Can’t Keep Me Down
  2. Payback Time
  3. Not the One
  4. Nothing
  5. Sometimes
  6. We Got the Fire

Watch “Not the One” official music video here: