Fredlös – Fredlös Review

Fredlös - FredlösThese initial days of 2023 have fantastic in terms of great and unusual bands. I was really impressed by the muscular intro with an instrument that took me a while to figure it out. I guess it’s a fiddle or a violin with a strong distortion. I have to say that this is the first time I hear this combination. Maybe I’ve heard it before, but I guess I heaven’t noticed. Maybe this time was so inquisitive that I had to. The guitar with a muscular distortion/overdrive took me as well. I love the saound of a buzzing guitar like Fredlös did here. “Våt varm jord” kicks off “Fredlös” with the right foot. It’s a rare combination a band that really knows how to put together the aggression of Heavy metal with the kindness of Classical Music and some Folk. I’d say this combination is a flaming one. For sure.

Well, as I’ve said before the combination Fredlös use here is a killer. Moreover, there is a certain taste of naive guitars that capts the fan. I really don’t know if this impression comes from the guitars overtones or if it is the guitar playing. Maybe both on second thought. This band is heavy, pretty heavy. Its music is corrosive making the fan wiat anxiously the next track to get what is going ot happen. The tension created by the far overdriven guitars combined with a female then male vocals and the fiddle sometimes keyboards is really something to think about. As a principle I do like Folk Metal, but what the band does here goes far away my recognition. Go right to “Missväxt” to check what I’m saying. Its wall of sound created by the overdriven guitars overwhelms the fan. Its mesmerizing effect makes the fan gets out of the mind. Great effect. And it gets even better when the drummer adds a double bass drumming creating a pounding hammer into the fans head. It’s so amazing to see that a slow cadenced track can get heavy as hell and create this kind of effect.

Asw we were talking some reviews ago, the language does influence the music. I guess that Swedish here added some more aggression to the songs. Vocal lines grew huge with it. Just an impression.

Fredlös “Fredlös” will be released on February 10th via Threeman Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Våt varm jord
  2. Otto
  3. Farsot
  4. Missväxt
  5. Fredlös
  6. Uppror
  7. Undergång
  8. Deus
  9. Requiem

Watch “Våt varm jord” official music video here: