From Sleep to Aggression: How Does Music Affect Our Driving Behavior

Before asking for the opinion of my colleagues, I will tell you about my own experience. In terms of music, I am quite omnivorous and have no expressed preferences. I like hard music (punk-rock, metal, etc) and electronics (trance, house, D’n’B) alike, I have nothing against modern “pop”. That is, I either like music or not. If I like a Slipknot song, I see no reason not to listen to it for any genre reasons. Except that rap is not my thing at all, even though there are some good works in it as well.

A man and his automobile. 1962 Porsche

So I can have all kinds of music playing in the car, both on the radio and with hundreds of tracks from my iPhone, played mostly in random order. And driving in the city I feel almost no correlation between the music playing in the car and my behavior on the road. Another thing is on the highway, where speeds are higher. There I really caught myself several times that I involuntarily exceeded the speed when playing dynamic tracks, and this applies to both instrumental music and electronic. So the speed limit is involuntarily violated, for example, to Bring Me The Horizon and Pendulum. But whether I start driving slower when, say, Aerosmith is playing – I haven’t paid attention.

As for the influence of music styles on aggressive driving, it is not observed in my case. Rammstein from the speakers won’t make me go faster, I’m more likely to sing along. It does not bother me, as well as the sounding music itself. Especially if you drive a McLaren on the highway with no speed limit. I certainly will not listen to the classics while driving – there is no desire to fight sleep. But renting a sports car and driving under the bright vocals of Till Lindemann would be a great option. Moreover, the prices for renting a sports car are now available absolutely for everyone. You can see for yourself and check McLaren rental Dubai.

If the music is fast, some rock or cheerful “pop”, then according to my personal feelings I can go faster and more reckless, or something. That’s why I don’t play music loudly, so I don’t get distracted and hear what’s going on around me. It seems as if I am deprived of one of my senses, and it is kind of stressful. I couldn’t listen to any audiobooks in the car: I either won’t be able to concentrate on the road, or I won’t hear what they’re saying, so it’s no use trying to turn them on

Naturally, Linkin Park is not the only group I sing along to in the car when I’m driving alone, but these lines are the ones I yell almost louder than Chester Bennington. And, apparently, not in vain, because psychologists believe that singing while driving is useful.

Thus, singing improves the psychological condition of the person and allows him or her to cope with stress and unexpressed emotions.

However, besides psychologists, there are other specialists. Thus, a study by Canadian scientists, conducted in 2012, says that singing while driving increases the load on the brain and increases the reaction time to an unexpected danger. So if you sing while driving, do so with caution.

Conclusion: listening to metal while driving is a great option

During the singing in a nice roadster, the hormone of joy dopamine is secreted, due to which traffic jams or not always adequate behavior of neighbors in the stream irritate much less than usual. Dopamine reduces internal aggression and promotes more careful driving. It turns out that if you sing along to metal bands, it levels the impact of heavy music?