FUNERAL Release Brand New Track ‘Erindring I – Hovmod’

Funeral 2021
Photo credit: Jorn Veberg

Norwegian doom metal pioneers FUNERAL are now premiering a new playthrough video for the song “Erindring I – Hovmod.” The track is taken from their new record Praesentialis in Aeternum, which will be released via Season of Mist on December 10, 2021.

FUNERAL comments: “The third and final single from the upcoming album have been performed live once or twice. We chose to record a playthrough-video for this, with both our eminent guitar players showing their skills. It’s a song that has all the Funeral-elements, both in pace and harmonies, as well as a bit more in-your-face feel to it.”

Praesentialis in Aeternum track listing:

1. Ånd (8.14)
2. Materie (6.21)
3. Erindring I – Hovmod (8.16)
4. Erindring II – Fall (10.52)
5. Oppvåkning (9.54)
6. Dvelen (11.35)

7. Her Til Evig Tid (ånd: epilog) (7.21)
8. Vekst (erindring : prolog) (9.18)
9. Shades From These Wounds (6.09)
10. Samarithan (5.50)

Funeral Praesentialis in Aeternum

Doom metal formation FUNERAL are known as one of the pioneers of the funeral doom genre. Formed in Norway in 1991 by Anders Eek, the band released their first Tristesse in 1993. This offering supposedly won them the title of ‘most depressing band in the world’.

Going for a more symphonic sound, the doom metal band asked vocalist Toril Snyen to join and they released another demo Beyond All Sunsets (1994) and the debut full-length Tragedies (1995). Over the years, there were various line-up changes and the group changed vocalists several times. Tragedy struck in 2003 and FUNERAL took a hiatus for the rest of the year after the loss of bassist / songwriter Einar Frederiksen. Only a few months before their return, the band took another hit when guitarist Christian Loos passed away, who was then replaced by Mats LerbergFrom These Wounds was released in 2006, an album that was marked by a period of pain, loss and woe. 

In the following years, FUNERAL steadily released three more full lengths: As the Light Does the Shadow (2008), To Mourn is a Virtue (2011) and Oratorium (2012).