FUNERAL Releases New Single ‘My Own Grave’

Funeral Band 2024

In the shivering, twilight-stained expanses of Norway, where the frost gnaws at ancient stones and shadows linger under perpetual twilight, FUNERAL weaves their sorrowful tapestry with the unveiling of their harrowing new single, “My Own Grave.” This is the first elegy from their impending album, Gospel of Bones, a cavernous exploration of grief and resilience that promises to echo within the hollow voids of the hearts of doom metal aficionados.

When the weight of the world presses down like the bows of a snow-laden fir, FUNERAL stands resolute, guardians of the melancholic spirit that defines funeral doom metal. From the icy breaths transmuted into somber melodies to the relentless dirge of their funeral drums, every note in “My Own Grave” is meticulously crafted to pluck at the raw nerves of existential mourning.

Gospel of Bones, produced by the venerable Børge Finstad, is a journey through the depths of despair. Tracks like “Yestertear” and “Procession of Misery” carve out narratives of sorrow deeply intertwined with ethereal harmonies provided by Ingvild “Sareeta” Johannesen. The mournful soundscape is further enriched by the celestial artwork of Tristan Diaz Bastie, drawing listeners into a world where beauty and anguish waltz in a tragic embrace.

The album guides the listener through scenes of mournful splendor, from the prematurely snuffed light in “Too Young to Die” to the abyssal depths of “Når kisten senkes”. Each song stands as a monument to the perpetual dance between life and the inevitable shadow of death.