G.N.L.S. – Conspiracy of Thoughts Review

G.N.L.S. stand for Geometric Nictation of Lament’s Space, which gives my child of the night a clear ideia of what is going to be found in “Conspiracy of Thoughts.” The band is the new claustrophobic project of Wrath (Dødsferd, Grab, Drunk Motherfuckers, Gin Lane) and m.Sarvok (Sarvok). The term claustrophonic adds very mportant information about the music in here. The idea is to give the fan an unique experience of how claustrophonic music can be if the right elements are added. The tittle and the initial moments of album opening track “An Open Wound to Heal the Wreckage of Humanity” may suffice to give my dear fan the exact ideia of what the album deals with. The yells and screams intertwined in the song with a gentle, but exasperating piano, take my fan to a world of despair and pain what is exactly the idea. Avant garde Black Metal bands are working much more with a sonic expression of emotions than properly with Black Metal music. I’ll elaborate. Bands are trying to give a musical idea of basic human instincts as fear, despair, excruciating pain, lonelyness, emptyness, and many others by wrapping them into some musical form which doesn’t have to be pure Black Metal. “Conspiracy of Thoughts” expresses this flawlessly. The main idea is Black Metal is more a concept than a musical style. So, “Conspiracy of Thoughts” is a Black Metal album, but at the same time isn’t. It has the concept, but it lacks the heavyness of the music.

Ok, then, having all this in mind, let’s go through the album track by track, shall we? Well, going through the album track by track is also a concept, right? Throughtout this album the concept is developed with the addition of many effects and all kinds of voices. Some tracks are a hodge podge of heavy music with all kinds of elements. “The Frustrating Collapse of Soul and Body,” explore heavy guitars with eeirie vocals and electronic effects. Sometimes it sounds like it’s going to be black, but then the speed and the Black Metal intent is soon hold back. Though it’s the track that gets the nearest the sonancy a Black Metal fan appreciates, or better yet, expects. Grand finale “The Prosperity of an Incomplete Burden” is the one that really gets the concept of the album. It gives the chills. Really.

Lirically, as a matter of speaking because “Conspiracy of Thoughts” doesn’t have too many lyrics, the album deals with some inconvenient thoughts as the tittles of all tracks mean. All of them are long and full of meaning as “The Youth of Today, the Corpses of Tomorrow” that, bottomline, tells the inconvenient truth that everybody is going ot die. It’s incredible how our society hasn’t leaned how to even disccuss death, the only thing certain in life. This album musically deals with all this. It’s uncomfortable. It’s daring. It’s painful. It’s the essence of Black Metal.

G.N.L.S. “Conspiracy of Thoughts” was released on March 25th via FYC Records.

Track Listing:

  1. An Open Wound to Heal the Wreckage of Humanity
  2. Flaming Treasures of Knowledge and Sin
  3. The Youth of Today, the Corpses of Tomorrow
  4. Vulnerable Secret
  5. The Frustrating Collapse of Soul and Body
  6. The Prosperity of an Incomplete Burden

Watch “Vulnerable Secret” official music video here: