G.R.I.M. – Descensus ad Inferos – Shades of Sheol

Despair! Lots and tons of despair! More desperation and anguish! Hopelessness, desperation, distress, anguish, pain and unhappiness! Here’s an album that turns all this into music. G.R.I.M. with “Descensus ad Inferos – Shades of Sheol” puts into music all those emotions and some more. The thing is that G.R.I.M. really knew how to transcend their music style in “Descensus ad Inferos – Shades of Sheol” writing an album that is all of emotion. “Descensus ad Inferos – Shades of Sheol” is only ten-minute four tracks that in some way are all connected. What connects them? Emotion.

“Descensus ad Inferos – Shades of Sheol” kicks off with “Diary of a Misanthroposophist” with those shoegazed and slow cadences very of Doom Metal, but with a screaming guitar that dazzles. But what drives all the attention is the vocal full of despair and grief. Instrumetanlly, “Diary of a Misanthroposophist” is the clothing to the feelings G.R.I.M. so desperately and anxiously wnat to pass on to the fans. Long story short, “Diary of a Misanthroposophist” tells a story to the fan, a story of fear, that fear that surrounds and follows humankind since the beginning of times. It’s the primal fear. That’s why it follows a path of ups and downs, of crescendos and innuendos that embelish the song. “The Decline of Society,” “The Age of Misology,” and “Push the Button” follow the same path, and I guess that’s the biggest contribution G.R.I.M. offer to the Metal world with a neat and careful instrumental.

G.R.I.M. are a band that get all Doom Metal features and make them work for them in a neat way. A great to show that sometimes following the rules may have a great and sound outcome. The effects major chords get in “The Decline of Society” are just amazing offering the power and punch each Metal outfit must have. Interesting fact is that G.R.I.M. built “Descensus ad Inferos – Shades of Sheol” as an opera using everything they got make their point to show their emotion. The desparate and anguish vocals of “The Age of Misology” are really something.

G.R.I.M. “Descensus ad Inferos – Shades of Sheol” will be released on November 02nd.

Track Listing:

  1. Diary of a Misantroposophist
  2. The Decline of Society
  3. The Age of Misology
  4. Push the Button