Gaerea – Unsettling Whispers

Seriously, if you are in the mood for something unusual and out of the box, I recommend trying any modern black metal band. I know, I know, I keep on saying that all the time I can. You don’t have to remind me, but it is the pure truth. When I say that, I say basically as a heavy metaller. I mean, extreme metal isn’t natural to me. I was born a heavy metaller, only a few years ago I opened my mind to extreme metal, so when I write things like this it is so because it is a complete new world to me.

In my understanding, the thing that calls the eye most in Gaerea “Unsettling Whispers” is the band’s proposal to introduce in their sonic experiments some elements that are more common in gothic bands. So, Gaerea explore a not so usual range of effects as clean guitars with chorus and delay effects. You add that to a very disturbing and full of despair voice, which is the other thing that calls the eye to “Unsettling Whispers” in each track. All seven tracks included in “Unsettling Whispers” show the listener all the pain and despair contained in human existence. Inasmuch life is getting more and more difficult to most in this sad and lonely planet.

An adivise: if you are listening “Unsettling Whispers” for the first time, be patient and listen to “Syn” until the end. It is a track that brings lots of surprises. A bit uncanny even for black metal standards. A very interesting track, eventually, the best of “Unsettling Whispers.” It goes in a crescendo to reach the climax at the end just to connect to “Absent,” which begins with all the pain. “Syn” is the poetic track which introduces us all to Gaerea’s world of pain and misery that will come along. Gaerea are masters in dealing with human emotion. That’s the feeling throughout “Unsettling Whispers.” But it’s not that plastic and common emotion widespread in pop music. It is the nude and crude reality. Pain, misey, despair, sadness, anger, and rebellion. After all this is a black metal act, not Rihanna.

Gaerea “Unsettling Whispers” will reveal all the pain to the world on June 22nd via Transcending Obscurity Records.

You can listen to Gaerea “Unsettling Whispers” at BandCamp.

Track Listing:

  1. Syn
  2. Absent
  3. Whispers
  4. Lifeless Immortality
  5. Extension to Nothingness
  6. Cycle of Decay
  7. Catharsis

Watch “Whispers” official video here:

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