Gambling and Heavy Metal Songs: A Quick Look at a Blossoming Marriage


Heavy Metal as a genre of music is believed to have its roots in Psychedelic rock along with Blues rock. Psychedelic rock has always been known for its ambitious efforts to simulate music appropriate to mind altering inebriants, including alcohol. Fusing this with the guitar riffs of the Blues rock genre we are given a sound that begins to select its own subculture of listeners.

Heavy metal provided a sound that cut across a really underrated demographic that was waiting to be catered to. Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister talks about this in an interview with Needs where he says “We get everyone, disillusioned Hawkwind people in plimsolls [sic] and greatcoats, a few punks, … it’s good you know. If somebody gets off I don’t care if he’s got a bald head and a bolt going through it”.

Heavy metal now features strongly in most gambling scenes, including casinos online. Players want the feeling of real life gambling replicated and casinos online, some of which can be found here on, have duly obliged.

Knowing the initial demographic of heavy metal is useful as it brings to light the proximity of the different ubgroups of individuals to institutions prevalent with instances of gambling, substance indulgence, sex, and violence. And as is evidenced empirically; artists will always use their medium of artistic expression to address observations they make about their environment. Keeping this in mind, it falls to reason that most of the most iconic songs and bands in the history of heavy metal would be influenced by one of the more exciting vices out of the four initially itemized: Gambling.

Metal songs that are influenced by gambling

Motorhead’s ‘Ace of spades

This song is about a man talking about his love for gambling and how even though he is aware of the risk involved in gambling; that’s exactly how he likes it. He says the only thing he ever really needs is the Ace of spades. This song is a classic gambling song and is one of the more timeless Heavy metal hits.

Iron maiden’s ‘The Angel and the Gambler’

This song speaks about a young gamblers attempt to kick the gambling habit but always finds himself drawn back towards it almost helplessly.

Deep purple’s ‘Smoke on the water’

This particular song was not explicitly inspired by gambling, but by the events that affected the band during one of their shows in a casino where it burnt to the ground. The title of the song is homage to the view of the burning casino from across the waters of lake geneva.

Megadeth’s ‘Train of consequences’

This song actually addresses the effects gambling has on the individual and the society in which he resides. The subject matter of the song itself was a welcome relief from the usual exultation of vices atypical of thrash metal then, and its release shocked a majority of fans by both its style and its subject matter.

#AC/DC’s ‘The Jack’

This is another song inspired by gambling; however this one particularly talks about a card game with a girl who always ends up winning with a Jack.

Gambling has been a major influence on heavy metal and it’s safe to say that the best songs to be inspired by gambling might still be in the pipelines.