GARY HOLT Also Wore A T-Shirt On Kanye West

“Kill The Kardashians” t-shirt is history. On his Instagram, Gary Holt showed that he’s got more on poppers. Look at he wrote on Kanye West:

“Just thee a bunch more stuff up in the missesholt eBay page, including the worn ONCE during my first Mayhem festival “F**k Kanye West” shirt, some others, some more stage picks from the second leg US Slayer tour, some pickups and an impossible to find Homebrew Electronics Paul Gilbert Detox EQ pedal, and trust me, I can’t find another.”

“Super killer, Paul used it to clean up his clean sound but it works awesome as a lead boost, I’ve used it on some Exo tracks, perfect showroom condition!! As always, search sellers and you shall find the place!”

And he’s also got a t-shirt: