GARY HOLT: As Of October, I’m A Vegan

EXODUS and SLAYER guitarist Gary Holt talked about being a vegan, saying during a recent appearance on the Meltdown show (as transcribed by

Meltdown: What kind of addictions do you have? Is there anything you like to collect?

“I like knives. I love edged weapons, I have quite a few and I’m always acquiring new.”

Meltdown: Are there certain ones that you look for?

Gary Holt: “Just different stuff, like swords. And if I see something I really like, I pick it up. But I have addictions. I’m holding my little vape pen thing in my hand. I don’t smoke and this has zero nicotine, but it’s kind of hard to put this thing down sometimes.

“But other than that, I don’t do any of the s**t I used to. I’m a non-smoking, drug-free, barely-drinking vegan. [Laughs]

“I won’t dispute that meat tastes good but I like my body. I’d probably be on a toilet for like a week if I ate a steak right now. But I feel better than I ever have.”

Meltdown: How long have you been a vegan?

Gary Holt: “Since October. Several months now. As I said – I’ve never felt better.”

Meltdown: What drove you to do that?

Gary Holt: “Just did a little research on who supplies that food and the level of filth that it comes from. Eating anything coming from those conditions is just horrid. We’re gonna impose our will on everyone! [Laughs]

“Go ahead, eat what you wanna eat. Not when it comes to food or drugs am I gonna yell and preach to anybody. Eat what you want. I have no problem sitting across table of someone eating a steak while I’m eating broccoli.”