GARY HOLT Slams Instagram For Deleting His ‘Kill The Kardashians’ Posts

Gary Holt Kim Kardashian

EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt has once again criticized Instagram for deleting his “Kill The Kardashians” posts.

In a newly posted photo, Holt was forced to censor a part of the image while sharing his recently announced “Kill the Kardashians” t-shirt design inspired with band’s 1985 album Bounded by Blood.

He accompanied photo with following message: “Since IG removes my other posts( both of them) for the new shirt due to violating community guidelines, despite all the near p*rn and filth they allow otherwise, here’s the edited version!”

In April, Holt has revealed that Instagram has started deleting his certain posts and that he will have to censor them from now on.

He wrote at the time: “Since someone seems to be continually getting certain posts removed, I’m here to tell you all, now back in stock,a certain set of sweatbands, shown here in all their censored glory!! Link in my profile as always, and all designs in stock as well!”