GARY HOLT Slams KYLIE JENNER For Copying EXODUS Cover On Chanel Shirt

Gary Holt Kylie Jenner

EXODUS and SLAYER guitarist Gary Holt shared a recent Instagram photo today and slammed Kylie Kristen Jenner for copying EXODUS classic album cover art, Bonded By Blood, with Chanel written in EXODUS‘ logo style.

He wrote:

“Okay…. someone asked, concerning the last post, “What does it matter?” Well, it sure f*c*ing matters to me. This was sent to me, this woman happens to be wearing a Bonded by blood shirt that has been remade to say “Chanel”.

This is from some reality tv show in France. IS NOTHING SACRED!! But I must say, for sh*ts and giggles I’d love to get my hands on one of these “oh so metal” shirts! Ugh. Sometimes, just sometimes, I really wanna put an end to certain people.

EDIT!!! As to the comment about lawsuits and such, these people who do this sh*t, they know full well it’s not worth the cost to ya to pursue this sh*t in court, ESPECIALLY a foreign court. They know we won’t do sh*t because the cost is so prohibitive.”