Gateway – Boundless Torture

After this Gateway “Boundless Torture” I will have to reavaluate my concepts of dense and dark. “Boundless Torture” is an effort much denser than anything I have ever listened in my entire life. There are only four tracks in it, and no vocals in the right term of the word. The only thing clear in “Boundless Torture” is the intent of being unclear. I’d rather say that “Boundless Torture” belongs to a new genre: the doom grindcore. Instrumentals are fuzzy, you can barely depict one form the other, a sepulchral voice vociferates in all songs, everything of grindcore but the speed.

Uncommercial or anticommercial? Or both? I really do not know for sure, but Gateway are too  far from conventional music. Okay, it is the way Gateway wanted to be. Unconventional, I guess, is the right word to say. With “Boundless Torture,” Gateway and Metal itself reach the extreme. There is no poissible way of getting darker, denser, and even putrider. And I say that with a smile. Metal is really beyond reach. If a band tries the darker, another one gets darker, and life goes on in an infinite way of filth. Aha, that is what we are here for, poor popper bastards! I pity you.

I wonder the disgust of a regular reviewer of a so-called traditional and respected media to receive an effort like “Boundless Torture.” It would be worth a bunch full of dollars to see his/her face in the moment to hit play button. The hearing would last no more than ten seconds. Last track, and the biggest, “Odyssey Of The Bereaved,” is even more fuzzier. Guitars are in a blast of distortion that it is impossible to decode the chords. Bold, very bold, I must say.

Gateway “Boundless Torture” will jump the seven gates of hell on May 18th via Pulverised Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Boundless Torture
  2. Famished Below
  3. Iron Storms
  4. Odyssey Of The Bereaved

Watch “The Shores of Daruk” official video here: