GENE HOGLAN Issues Update On Next DARK ANGEL Album: ”We’re Just Trying To Make The Most Aggressive Music That We Can Make’

Dark Angel

During a recent appearance on “Poppitt’s Corner,” the video podcast of MADROST mainman Tanner Poppitt, DARK ANGEL drummer Gene Hoglan spoke about the reactivated California thrash metal pioneers’ plans for new music.

“We’ve been playing a lot of live shows, and we tend to play festivals ’cause that just kind of works out the best,” Hoglan said. “We’re writing the next album, and I’ve been concentrating on writing that, and [DARK ANGEL guitarist] Jim Durkin is also writing. At the moment, Jim, he’s had to take a little bit time off from some live shows, but that was always kind of built into our system. ‘Cause when we got ourselves back together, he was, like, ‘Hey, guys, just so you know, there’s gonna be some times somewhere in the future where I might not be able to make certain shows, or there could an entire run that I might not be able to make. As long as you guys are cool moving forward with it. And we were able to get a good eight years with Jim, at least. So there you go.”

 “We’re just writing, and we’re just trying to make it the most aggressive DARK ANGEL music that we can make.”

This past August, Hoglan told Oxygène Radio‘s “Metal Zone” that he and his bandmates were hoping to have a new DARK ANGEL album out “by the middle part of 2023.”