GENE SIMMONS Slams KANYE WEST: ‘There’s Something Clinically Wrong With Him’

Gene Simmons Kanye West

KISS bassist Gene Simmons says that Kanye West needs to “move on” and leave his estranged wife Kim Kardashian alone to pursue her new relationship with Pete Davidson.

On March 3, Simmons was approached by a TMZ cameraman at Kings Road Cafe in Los Angeles, where he weighed in on the KimKanye drama.

“For the record, [Kanye‘s] a talented guy. There’s no question about it,” Gene said. “He’s out of his mind… This is your wife, the mother of your children. It’s not childish. There’s something clinically wrong with him, as he’s admitted.”

When asked if he thinks Kim and Pete should file a restraining order against KanyeGene responded: “You don’t need to do that. Pete‘s a cool guy [who] takes the high road. Just ignore it. At a certain point, if everybody misbehaves, they get b*tchslapped…

“It’s, like, guy, you’ve got a roof over your head, you’ve got food in your tummy. You can do whatever you want. Get a hobby. That’s better. Leave him alone. Move on. Love your kids. Love the mother of your kids and let her make her own decision. She’s a grown-a*s woman now and she doesn’t need your permission.”

Simmons also addressed the fact that Kanye has been hanging out with a new woman who looks a lot like Kardashian: model Chaney Jones.

“Being like that publicly, getting a Kim lookalike, it’s childish,” Gene said. “And it’s not fair to this girl who happens to resemble Kim. Good for you. You can resemble anybody or anything, but don’t be a hand puppet to somebody who’s playing some kind of game.

Earlier this month, West released a music video for his song “Eazy,” which included scenes of him kidnapping and beheading Kim‘s new man. The video’s lyrics read, “God saved me from that crash, just so I could beat Pete Davidson‘s a*s.”

Kanye was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after being hospitalized for a psychiatric emergency in 2016.