GENTLE SAVAGE Unleash Video For New Single ‘Lovin’ Ain’t Easy’

GENTLE SAVAGE have released a lyrics video for their new rocking single “Lovin’ Ain’t Easy“, graphic & digital art by Kristian K XP. Make sure to check out the new video below.

Lead vocalist Tornado tells the whole story on the single:
Lovin’ Ain’t Easy‘ is a presentation of a persons emotional state when without really knowing why, one has been rejected and left stranded by the loved one. In this case the narrator is a male person, but it could be anyone who lives in an intimate relationship with another human being. The mood is neither sad nor aggressive. It’s more like the narrators love affirmation. He leaves the decision whether to quit or to continue in the hands of the beloved woman who’s leaving home.

Tornado continues: “The atmosphere, melodies and harmonies borrow musically from the wonderful 70’s era. Spiced with modern production and sound engineering, Lovin’ Ain’t Easy leans towards THE BEATLESALICE COOPER and early studio albums from WHITESNAKE. A careful listener can find some delicate details in the soundscape, submerged in the background and filling up the scenery. This tune is closest to the feel of GENTLE SAVAGE when the band first started writing music and it is planned to be a stand-alone single, not included to the upcoming ‘Midnight Waylay‘ debut album.

Tornado tells on the single coverart:
The idea of using the Chaos cross in the cover art of Lovin’ Ain’t Easy popped up during the vocal recordings. Vocalist Tornado Bearstone has a Chaos cross pendant he got years ago from his best friend while this friend was getting married. Tornado was the best man and as they both had Chaos cross pendants, they decided to swap and wear each others crosses in the wedding ceremony. Seeing the pendant hanging in his vocal booth while singing the vocal lines of Lovin’ Ain’t Easy brought up some memories, ideas and questions about entropy, chaos and love. All combined to the Chaos cross symbol. You wanna know more?” 

You see…Life seems to be affected by the law of entropy (Second law of entropy = The second law may be formulated by the observation that the entropy of isolated systems left to spontaneous evolution cannot decrease, as they always arrive at a state of thermodynamic equilibrium, where the entropy is highest). Right. Sounds surprisingly much the way it sometimes is in love and relationships. 
This brought Tornado to think about chaos (a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order). Allright…now that  sounds like a lovers spat.