GENUNE Share Video For New Single ‘Eastern European Discontent’

Cluj-Napoca, Romania based band GENUNE present the first extract from their upcoming second full-length album, Inert & Unerring. Check out the music video for new single “Eastern European Discontent” below. 

Inert & Unerring is scheduled for release on April 25th via Loud Rage Music.

Band comments about the track:

Eastern European Discontent‘ is about the space we inhabit, both mentally and collectively, as a post-Soviet and post-communist people. It draws from what we saw as ‘the heritage’ given unto us by those years: a general distrust of others, a sense of exile within one’s own environment and, somewhat ironically, an embittered form of individuality, borne out of the need to survive, that is more of a source of isolation than what some might consider strength. All of these explaining certain behavioral or temperamental patterns and characteristics, that, even if not entirely explicit, are observable in the populations of Eastern Europe, should one look close enough.”

Here’s what the band had to say about the new album: “Inert & Unerring contains tracks that are compositionally more akin to one another, but it otherwise follows the same stylistic choices seen in our previous album. Without going into detail, its theme revolves around identity and the past, exploring the notion of heritage through different lenses. Inert & Unerring is not a concept album, as the lyrics don’t have any plot or characters to follow along, they’re instead composed of images and perceptions put into words, to allow for personal interpretation. The title is taken from a novel written by Arthur Koestler, that is relevant to the subject matter of this album.