GENUS ORDINIS DEI Launch New Music Video For Track ‘Exorcism’

Genus Ordinis Dei

Symphonic death metal pioneers GENUS ORDINIS DEI have released the ninth music video episode entitled “Exorcism” from their critically acclaimed & highly praised concept album entitled Glare Of Deliverance. The video was directed by Steve Saints.
In this episode, The Cross tries to break the ritual by exorcising Eleanor however, just as all hope is lost she proves herself worthy to serve The Fallen…  Check out the new music video below.

The ninth episode of this series reaches the climax of Eleanor’s adventure. After the abjuration fails and her bond with the occult is revealed, she is declared possessed by the Devil and The Inquisitor performs an exorcism on her. At this point, Eleanor reaches the peak of her transformation and the situation changes dramatically” says vocalist & guitarist Nick Key. “This episode shows the meaning of Eleanor’s journey. All the events of the prior episodes brought her here, face to face with the Inquisitor. She now has the chance and the will to commit the most extreme action, that of becoming worthy to serve The Fallen and fulfil the ritual.”

Guitarist Tommy adds: “Both Nick and Emilia performed brilliantly, especially at the beginning of the episode when they dance on a Walzer. The dance is a metaphor for the Inquisitor that overwhelms an exhausted Eleanor, playing with her before releasing his power on her, like a feline playing with its prey before killing it. This is the densest episode of the series and the turns of events will leave you speechless, it’s a promise.

Glare Of Deliverance Tracklisting:
1. Ritual
2. Hunt
3. Edict
4. Examination
5. Torture
6. Judgement
7. Dream
8. Abjuration
9. Exorcism
10. Fire