GENUS ORDINIS DEI Release New Music Video For ‘Dream’

Symphonic death metal pioneers GENUS ORDINIS DEI have unleashed the seventh music video entitled “Dream” from their critically acclaimed & highly praised concept album entitled “Glare Of Deliverance“. Check out the new music video for the track “Dream” below!

In this episode, the story of Eleanor continues… Sleep brings new hope for Eleanor. In her dreams, a dancing shadow shows her the way… baptized by The Fallen, she recovers the Heart of Stone and is reborn!

In this episode, a new mysterious character named The Fallen is revealed” states vocalist and guitarist Nick Key. “He takes the form as a spirit of the forest, like an Ent, or the Celtic Cernunnos. In our lore, he is Lucifer, the fallen angel, or one of his manifestations. He appears in Eleanor’s dream and guides her through the forest, passing through the places where it all began. He returns the Heart of Stone to her, baptizes her, and transforms her into one of his servants. I played this character The Fallen, and I loved it. There are a couple of scenes where I am basically naked in the cold mountain water and it was COLD! But the final scene of the baptism is my favourite of the whole series, it literally took my breath away. Emilia (who played the role of Eleanor) had to be submerged completely in this ice-cold mountain creek, but she was fearless and the scene came out amazing!

Stay tuned for the remaining three episodes throughout the first half of 2021.

Glare of Deliverance” was produced by guitarist Tommaso Monticelli (Jumpscare, Eternal Delyria, Geschlecht) at Sonitus Studio, and it is the band’s third full-length album. The album was recently released on December 4, 2020 and has received dozens of rave reviews from all over the world.
Glare Of Deliverance” is the band’s most ambitious achievement yet. The scope and vision of the project had grown monumentally huge in comparison to their initial plans for the album. Aside from recording and producing a ten-song concept album, the band had to pull together a full production team for the ten-episode video series which consisted of concept artist Tom Roberts (Ghost), costume designers, animal trainers, prop construction, a cast of actors & actresses, visual effects supervisors, special effects wizards, stuntmen and even a full orchestral choir!

Glare Of Deliverance” Tracklisting:
1. Ritual
2. Hunt
3. Edict
4. Examination
5. Torture
6. Judgement
7. Dream
8. Abjuration
9. Exorcism
10. Fire