GEORGE LYNCH Says DONALD TRUMP Is An ‘Idiotic Monster’ And ‘Complete Piece Of Sh*t’ Who ‘Doesn’t Know Anything’

George Lynch

DOKKEN guitar legend George Lynch has blasted President Donald Trump, calling him an “idiotic monster” and an “egotistical, self-aggrandizing, complete piece of sh*t” who “doesn’t know anything.”

Speaking about the state of American politics, Lynch said in Australia’s “Scars And Guitars” podcast (hear audio below): “I’m honestly just so fatigued, and most of the people that I surround myself with that are political animals are equally fatigued.

“We’re living through the American nightmare, and I hope it doesn’t become a fascist nightmare. But for the moment, hopefully we can undo the damage at some point.

He continued: “It was crazy — I was watching a documentary last night called ‘The Black Godfather’. It’s a story of this guy, Clarence Avant, that’s this monumental figure, a very quiet figure, but really pivotal in just any black musician’s career, record, film, concert, anything that was done in the last 50 years with black music, this guy was instrumental in making it happen or involved in, making deals, and advancing his people’s cause… So in this film, Isaac HayesAretha Franklin — everybody is in this film. And all the heavyweights and all the CEOs of the labels — everyone.

“But Barack Obama is featured in it and knew this gentleman very well and speaks very highly of him when he’s talking about him. And I almost was brought to tears listening… I was not a huge fan of Barack. He was too much of a centrist for me; I’m very progressive. It was very frustrating, some of the things that he did.

“But listening to him speak so eloquently and intelligently and compassionately, with understanding, compared to what we have now, was terrifying.”

Focusing on current U.S. President Donald Trump, he said: “We have this idiotic monster, this egotistical, self-aggrandizing, complete piece of sh*t in [the White House]. I just can’t understand how we’ve gotten to this place. We’re all trying to unravel that and figure out how this happened.

“And here’s another thing that’s kind of interesting too. I’m becoming more and more aware of how pervasive the Trump base mentality is in this country and how it’s always just sort of been there but been quiet. And now it’s just reared its ugly head in a huge way.

Lynch added: “I just played Sturgis for a weekm LYNCH MOB played six consecutive nights; we played all week. And, basically, we were stuck in a Trump rally with motorcycles. It was pretty scary, I’ve gotta be honest with you. It was pretty terrifying. Is this the country I live in? And these people will kill for what they believe.

“Progressives are more compassionate people by nature, we’re wired to sort of be more empathetic and care about things outside of ourselves. We are about other people; it hurts us to see people in pain or suffer. So they call us ‘snowflakes.’ But people that are wired, on the right, the way their brains are wired, they don’t have that sense of empathy. I’m not saying it’s good or bad — I’m just saying it is.

“And these people are the ones that have the guns. And they’re willing to use them. And it’s becoming pretty frightening. The prospects of what Trump is saying and doing and his whole administration, dismantling Obama’s legacy and dismantling any kind of environmental protections — withdrawing from the Paris [Climate Agreement], the Iran [nuclear deal], destabilizing the planet and taking us back to the Stone Age as far as even the most basic minimal environmental protections.

“We’ve got 450 part per million of carbon in the air, which is non-sustainable and it’s gonna potentially destroy life on earth. And we’ve got this buffoon who doesn’t know anything as the most powerful person on the planet dictating policy. It’s just insane.”