Ghost – Meliora

Ghost Meliora Occult rock is a new genre for me, personally, and so far it has been nothing but excellence, and now I’m at the point where I’ve decided to check out the newest album from what is probably the most popular occult rock band: Ghost. They’ve released an early stream of their upcoming third release, “Meliora”, and normally I would wait until the official release, but to hell with it, why not?! And godd*mn was I not disappointed after being gorilla glued to my seat after hearing “Meliora”! It’s f*cking great! Straight from the very beginning this album has a very unnerving feel to it that really brings out that “occult” part, but then the rock comes in bringing with it some excellent riffs and tunes that were irresistible to say in the very least as the guitars and drums had an entrancing beat and rhythm that flowed magnificently with the smooth vocals. Also, if you know what the main themes of occult rock bands tend to be then I shouldn’t have to explain that part, so I won’t. And with 10 songs padding the overall 41.5 minute run time of “Meliora” you are more than guaranteed to get more than your fair share of some fantastic occult rock by the time you finish this album. One of my favorite albums of the year without a f*cking doubt in my mind, and I urge each and every single one of you bastards to check this sh*t out right f*cking now!

“Meliora” officially comes out August 21st, but you can stream the album early via Blabbermouth here and then purchase the album via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

1. Spirit
2. From The Pinnacle To The Pit
3. Cirice
4. Spöksonat
5. He Is
6. Mummy Dust
7. Majesty
8. Devil Church
9. Absolution
10. Deus In Absentia