Ghost – Popestar

14333181_1278756048809855_3675816571396223280_n  The name of Ghost is one that people either really like or really hate, there’s almost no gray area. Almost, anyway. I find myself lucky to be in that middle area as I’m not the biggest fan of the band, but I enjoy what they do, and that alone was enough to prompt me to investigate Ghost’s brand new EP, “Popestar”. At first, I thought they were just playing a joke and changing popstar by adding one whole “e” just to be cute, but it seems that wasn’t the end of it. The five tracks that come off this EP are, in my pointless opinion, are pretty well constructed and is a good follow-up to last year’s “Meliora” as the riffs are still consistent and the quality is naught but top notch. These tracks also come across with more of a pop-rock oriented feel when it comes down to the overall structure of the album itself and the rhythms in they’re entirety. That being said, it’s not bad. And with that being said, I just wanna say that I’m not the biggest fan of pop or pop rock and I don’t want Ghost to go down that road personally, but I can’t deny the fact that I enjoyed “Popestar”. Was it a marvelously fantastic thing that I recommend for anyone? Hell, no, but it’s proof that Ghost aren’t just thinking with a one track mindset and instead branching out which I think is always good for a band, new or old, to do at their own leisure. But if you’re reading this as a Ghost fan and haven’t heard the EP yet, don’t worry as it’s got the same base formulas and themes that these guys have been doing for a while now, just with a different spin this time around. There’s a fair share of issues to be found within “Popestar”, but I can hoenstly say that if Ghost were to take this new direction and translate it to a full length album that I’d absolutely be keen to see what they’d be able to do.

You can purchase “Popestar” via iTunes here, and stream the EP in full on Spotify here.

Track Listing:

  1. Square Hammer
  2. Nocturnal Me
  3. I Believe
  4. Missionary Man
  5. Bible