Ghost Season – Like Stars In a Neon Sky

Ghost Season’s twelve track album “Like Stars In a Neon Sky” opens with an instrumental guitar passage with some background voices and heartbeats. Cool! Great to relax. And a great opening for “Sons Of Yesterday”, which is a perfect name for the music that Ghost Season make. Imagine a band mixing the vocal techniques of 1990’s and 1980’s guitars with a lot of guitar squeaks. Ready? That’s Ghost Season! This blend works real fine, mostly because of the dirty guitars tones, which I particularly like a lot. Emulating the music of the past is a track that many bands are following. I don’t desagree at all. My opinion is that option is sometimes dangerous, because you can loose your identity and became a mere copy. But that’s not the case here. Ghost Season is intense, full of attitude and heart. I may be overhearing, but I felt some echoes of Queensrÿche’s “Empire” era in “The Highway Parts I and II”. Good choice of tones and guitar riffs. Another good thing about “Like Stars In a Neon Sky” is that you can really notice the bass lines, and we all know that the bass is the ugly duckling of metal music. So sorry bass players, but you know it’s true. “Just a Lie” adds a bit of Led Zep’s keyboards at the end, but don’t get me wrong, the song doesn’t sound like Led Zep, that’s only the end. Ghost Season in “Like Stars In a Neon Sky” had the care of making each song different, like a storyteller who cares for each story he tells.

Ghost Season’s “Like Stars In a Neon Sky” is an album for whom appreciates good 1990 tasting heavy metal music. Hercules Zotos, vocals; Nick Christolis, guitars/vocals; Dorian Gates, bass/vocals and Helen Nota, drums did a great job!

Track Listing:

  1. The Reckoning
  2. Sons Of Yesterday
  3. Fade Away
  4. Break My Chains
  5. War Of Voices
  6. The Highway Part I
  7. The Highway Part II
  8. Just a Lie
  9. The Vampire
  10. The Mirror
  11. Of Hearts And Shadows
  12. Break Me Shake Me

Here you can watch the video of “Fade Away”: