Glenn Danzig And Security Rough Up Fan Onstage?


bloddy danzig fan

I am going to have to call bulls**t on this one people. I know for a fact that DANZIG was scheduled to play there but that guy don’t look like security beat the s**t out of him onstage and then held him back so Glenn could hit him. He looks more like he just had an awesome time in the pit and should brush his teeth way more…

The smile gives it away. I think he’s full of s**t and got bloody in the pit and had to explain it to his mother.

If anybody out there was at this show and saw it happen let us know. It was at Metropolis in Montreal Canada. If you were at that show please contact us here and even if you didn’t see s**t, hit us up anyway for a show review.

What Mr. Dalton stated is as follows.