GLENN HUGHES Former DEEP PURPLE’S Bassist Says ‘I Play Like A Guitar Player’


Have you ever heard Deep Purple’s “Made in Europe”? If so, have you ever paid attention to that shining bright bass lines? If so, they are Glenn Hughes’s. With all due the respect to Roger Glover, but Glenn Hughes is a bass monster. Here is a piece of an interview he gave to Yorkshire Evening Post. Take a look:

“I’ve gone back to simply using a wah-wah, because I’m really dedicated on this tour to the music I performed from 1973 to 1976.

“I don’t know if you remember, but that was the only thing I used, there was none of this fancy stuff. The wah-wah for me is a punctuation of the Glenn thing – there was no other bass player in bass history playing the wah-wah like me.

“I play it like a guitar player would play it and it kind of works in my world, you know! So I think a lot of people are digging that – but I’ve got to dig it first! If I’m digging it, then there’s a chance they’re going to dig it because I’m really meaning it.”

About his soul and funk influences:

“Only because my girlfriend’s brother back in 1966 – I was a runner for him at an all-night disco in Walsall – and he played only R’n’B, Detroit music.

“So here was this 14-year-old kid running and getting him cokes and coffee all night, hearing Sam ‘n’ Dave, Wilson Pickett, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye, James Brown, and I’m thinking, *puts on West Midlands accent* ‘What’s this music? It ain’t The Beatles, but I like it!’

“So when I started playing music, I was infusing it with that Detroit sound.

“Look, when you’re a musician and you’re 14 years old and you’re listening to R’n’B, there’s a good chance you’re going to infuse that into your style, so while McCartney and Lennon were Little Richard and Bill Haley fans, I’m a different generation and I just brought soul into my music.

“Whereas Paul Rodgers and Robert Plant were more blues guys, I’m a soul guy.”

About the guys he has played during his life:

“Well, hopefully this will make sense to you. About a year ago I made a record with Joe Satriani and [RHCP drummer] Chad Smith, my best friend.

“Now we’re playing in the studio, and I’m playing with these two dudes and I’m thinking, ‘These are my buddies – and we’re making a racket in here, we’re making a great racket.’

“And Joe and I have been talking about doing something with my vocals. So you know it would be fun to do something with Chad and Joe as a trio, with me singing too.

“I could talk about the likes of Jeff Beck and this guy and this guy, but it’ll never happen, so I prefer to think of something that may happen and try to give someone a little bit of encouragement.

“I like to play with other people who are loving and nurturing. If people aren’t on the path I’m on, well then I won’t be there. Satriani and Chad are right where I’m at.

“So if I can have breakfast with somebody and look them in the eye over a cup of coffee, then we’re on!”