Goath – II: Opposition

It is funny how sometimes you have to take a deep breath to be able to write. In this particular case I had to take a day to feel Goath’s “II: Opposition.” Unlike some acts, Goath are a band that uses lots of musical variation in “II: Opposition.” There are times that the rhythm Goath produces ia almost catchy like in the middle of “Born of Fornication,” which beigns like a machine gun to then slow down a little. Do not pay too much attention to the title, if know what I mean. Vocals are also varied in “II: Opposition,” which goes from the most deep vociferation to a “sweet” gritty voice. I have mentioned before that I appreciated bands that do that. In title track, “II: Opposition,” singer tries a shy acceptish ohohohoh. Pay close attention to the beginning of “The All Devouring Fire.” it gave me the creeps.

Goath, as most extreme metal bands have noticed a long time ago, instrumentals have to vary. It is almost mandatory unless it gets all very similar. When you speed up a lot, sounds get undistinguished for human ears, so if one wants to stand out, it is necessary to be creative. Of course, sometimes a little mass of sound is appreciated. But it has to come with lots of anger and rage, otherwise it is not Metal. “II: Opposition” is an album with lots of both. “Sorce 0” is a track really calls the attention, because the drummer had the opportunity to make a lot of noise in order to create an chaos atmosphere introducing “Purity of the Unseen,” where the voice gets grittier than guttural. Pay attention to the Venom like guitar riff effects. But Goath let the best for the end, “Luciferian Divine” is the song that captured the band’s best in terms of musical criativity. Guitarist Goathammer teaches us a lesson.

Goath’s “II: Opposition” is an album to whom likes some really anger stuff, but opens the mind to some modification. There are times Goath sounds like a thrash band. In “Myth of Unforgiveness,” for instance. It is not a pattern death metal act, and that what drive the attention most. A very good piece of heavy work.

Goath’s “II: Opposition” will be available on March 16th via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Revenge (2:37)
  2. Born Of Fornication
  3. Opposition
  4. Source 0
  5. Purity Of The Unseen
  6. Myth Of Forgiveness
  7. Enraged And Possessed
  8. The All Devouring Fire
  9. Luciferian Divine

Watch “Retaliation” official clip here: