Godless Enthropia – Tetracyclic Dominion

“Tetracyclic Dominion” opens up with a nice acoustic introduction with some subtle distorted chords, very subtle. They are the very few moments of rest that your ears will have listening to this effort. Yeah, I mean it. Godless Enthropia are a band which bounce moments of pure brutal death metal with some technical ones. More technical than brutal sometimes, but the band doesn’t forget to cruel at times. “Tetracyclic Dominion” is an album of fourteen tracks. Yeah, that’s right, fourteen tracks. The band doesn’t save them for the next opportunity. Well, in fact why doing so if no one knows the future and next effort could be only in a dream, or nightmare.

Most of them pretty rough and cruel as “Palace of Fornication,” but also with some moments of pure progressive delight as the intro of “Third Eye, Cauterized” and its interesting bass line. “Dysphemic  Phænomenons” is a track with come jazzistic influence with its weird piano and keyboard parts. It is a track that goes completely beyond the average Godless Enthropia track in a sense. But it gives you second thoughts when you see the bigger picture. Here we have a band that really tris to innovate and bring some new, and unusual, musical influences. Jazz, unlike other genres, is not so popular among Metal musicians. From where I’m standing, this kind of interchange is healthy to Metal in a greater sense. Add to that “Solecism I” and its vocals duets which happens to be triplet with a very subtle female voice in the middle of all the sonic mess. Acoustic sections win the day.

Godless Enthropia’s intent pleases me a lot. This idea of making the most brutal and cruel death metal with jazz influences, and technique, is wonderful. Of course, it’s not everybody who will notice it, but pay close attention to the musicians. Don’t they sound a little different? Those are the jazz influences. Only a  very talented band could bring up this kind of influence. Godless Enthropia’s guys are very talented musicians, undoubtfully.

Godless Enthropia “Tetracyclic Dominion” was relased on April 28th via Hecatombe Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Al-Qaliyah
  2. Mother of Cain
  3. Into the Asylum
  4. Witch Burning Princess
  5. Unpredictable Dementia (Mechanical Disease)
  6. Erase, Delete, Annihilate
  7. Dysphemic  Phænomenons
  8. Third Eye, Cauterized
  9. Solecism I
  10. Cause of Disease (Sprouts of New Hate)
  11. Palace of Fornication
  12. Adynaton
  13. Solecism II
  14. The Heights of Eidos (Mother of Cain pt. II)

Watch “Mother of Cain” official video here: