Godless Truth – S/T Review

I have to say that it beats me to death when I receive a Technical Brutal Death Metal to review because in my mind Technical and Brutal are two things that absolutely wouldn’t ever match. Needless to say that they do indeed in the real world. I say that because there are limits to how heavy and brutal a song can be. Giving it a more harder and deeper thought I guess that even to the technical elements there are also limits. The difficulty is to dose both. Too brutal makes to song inaudible. Songs do need some melody even some sugar to make them interesting. How Metal bands break the brutal elements is the thing that attracts me the most to it. To technical elements happens the same. There are albums made to musicians only due to the advanced and skillful elements in them. Godless Truth deal with both. As far as I’m concerned, both technical and brutal are redundant when it comes to Death Metal. From the experience I’ve been having here in this six years I’m writing reviewies Death Metal bands join both naturally and organically.

This “Godless Truth” showcases the fan some quirk, even peculiar sounds that attract me very much. I guess one of the peculiarities of Technical Death Metal bands is to get those sonancies as in “Fortune Time” where the riffing gets pretty mesmerizing with this kind of sonancy. In this album the way the band found to break all the heavyness is in the guitar solos that are pretty melodic besides being technical. Take a look at “Cage” and check that out. They are some kind of contrast with the butchery and bloodbath the band imposes with its music. Technically the album is intriguing as the band uses a lot of kinds of techniques to stand out. I have to highlight the drumming that is very present. I mean, the drums outstands in all tracks giving the album a very peculiar sonancy. Well, I’d rather say spanking as drummer Petr Mikeš gives everything he’s got in order to show all his abilities and particular force.

The fan will find “Godless Truth” a little different from their peers because the intro “Wheels of Entity” and “Cage” add some theatrical sonancies that some Black Metal bands are adding to their music. From where I’m standing they break the circunspect mood of the album. Also breaks the heavy mood as the guitars do.

Godless Truth “S/T” will be released on March 04th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. .Wheels of Entity
  2. The Decision
  3. Glory to Desperation
  4. Scissors
  5. Breathe Fire
  6. Fortune Time
  7. Bred in Greed
  8. The Eyechain
  9. RIP Cage
  10. Wake Up to Obey

Watch “Bred in Greed” official video here: