Gods Forsaken – Smells of Death

“Smells of Death” is an album that impresses the unadvised fan because it’s kicked off with a sonorous blast track as “Smells of Death” which is a great display of raw Death Metal with fiercyful drumming and skullcrushing guitars. So, the fan will have the wrong idea that the entire album is like this. Flat wrong, my child of the night. Gods Forsaken are a band that play anything but a monolithic feature. Little by little, “Smells of Death” slows down to be a piece of Melodic Death Metal in a very enthusiastic musical, and emotional, plot twist. It’s where Gods Forsaken add the elements that will make them stand out from regular Death Metal bands, and this element is emotion, but not a cheesy emotion. The impression I get is that the band is simply loving every minute of it doing the best they can. The most peculiar feeling in “Smells of Death” is that Gods Forsaken love the music they play dealing with lots of contradictions.

I know it is very uncommon and hard to explain, but from “They Crawl” on the album is added by some pure joy. The joy of the musical power that embodies Heavy Metal. That feeling of belonging to greater thing, a real community. Gods Forsaken plays with heart and passion, so the music flows naturally acquiring an aura of great power and wraith. “Smells of Death” is a triumphant piece the maybe feels the same the one who goes into a war and win the last battle. Thanks to the drummer who dares to use his sticks as instruments of battle and get the band ready to war. His warlike drumming lead the way and give songs the rhythmic aura. “In the Pit We Shall Gather” is the staple of tempo and cadence changes in “Smells of Death.” Its enthusiastic and easygoing riffing makes you feel the power in your hands. Easy to say that it also makes bang your head at large. If I had to pick a track, I’d easily pick “The Process of Death” with its crunchy riffing, note-by-note guitar solo which expresses lots of emotion and the groovy – yeah, that’s right groovy feeling that it has. The same feeling is added to “Dead and Buried” by the compelling guitar solo.

“Smells of Death” is an albums that compels the fan to want some more. Gods Forsaken prove that they can do much more than play regular old school Death Metal, they play it with all the heart, soul, and passion and it makes all the difference to an album that display lots of earthly joy and gets the fan by the gut.

Gods Forsaken “Smells of Death” will be released on April 19th via Soulseller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Smells of Death
  2. They Crawl
  3. From Inside They Came
  4. In the Pit We Shall Gather
  5. Dead and Buried
  6. The Dead Laughed
  7. Birth of Insanity
  8. The Curse of Matul

Watch “From Inside They Came” official video: