Going To Concerts Can Help You Live A Longer And Better Life, According To Science

A new research, conducted by Patrick Fagan in cooperation with O2, shows that going to concerts and listening to the music you love can help you live a longer and better life. Fagan, an associate at Goldsmiths University and an expert at behavioral science, got results that showed a correlation between spending time at a live gig and the feeling of wellbeing. It can increase up to 21% after spending just 20 minutes at a concert.

Besides the feeling of wellbeing, the research showed an increase in feelings of self-worth by 25%, closeness to others also by 25%, while mental stimulation increases by even 75%.

The study found that those who go to a live show once in two weeks are more likely to experience “happiness, contentment, productivity and self-esteem at the highest level.”

Patrick Fagan commented: “Our research showcases the profound impact gigs have on feelings of health, happiness, and wellbeing – with fortnightly or regular attendance being the key.  Combining all of our findings with O2’s research, we arrive at a prescription of a gig a fortnight which could pave the way for almost a decade more years of life.”