Gökböri – Erlik

Do you believe in love at first sight? I do, specially when it’s love at first listening. Gökböri’s “Erlik” really got me with its vibrant tunes. I really didn’t care that I couldn’t understand a word from the lyrics, but sometimes we can’t even in English. Gökböri does a real good job with its old school thrash metal. And “Erlik” is breathtaking. Gökböri’s philosofy is so simple: one, two, three, four and punch. Wanna more than that? Well, there’s always Beethoven or Strauss, if you want a waltz.

Even when they slow down in as in “Gökten Gelen Tug”, the pace is enjoyable. Real good stuff. The vocals are not that gutural roar we are used to. It’s gritty as the old masters used to do. But with a bit of anger. The tittle track, “Erlik”, has more detailed guitars, with more rhythmic changes and more catchy tunes.

Another interesting thing to add about Gökböri’s “Erlik” is that the lyrics are in ancient Turkish language and are about turkish mithology. “Erlik” would be the ruler of the underworld. Anything familiar? Put all that in a musical melting pot and we have a thrashy piece of resistance. And let’s not forget the vibrating and pounding drums that leads the rhythm and gives a dash of more power to songs like “Ben, Ang”. The last but not least, “Cift Basli Kartal”, is almost a balad, but a balad in Gökböri style. It soons gets the pace of other songs and speed up tempo, but the guitar tunes are really amazing, creative. Really nice piece. An amazing chorus followed by a pounding guitar.

Let’s wait for more!

Track Listing:

  1. Tamuya
  2. Yelbegenler Yüresi
  3. Karabaslara Dönüş
  4. Gökten Gelen Tuğ
  5. Erlik
  6. Körmösler Görmezler
  7. Ben, Ang
  8. Çift Başli Kartal

Watch  official lyric video here: