Gomgoma – Efflorescent Graveyards Review

Gomgoma Efflorescent Graveyards Hum, Black Metal with a strong taste of Black Sabbath, the original Black Metal band. This counts a lot when reviewing an album. To me all Black Metal bands should revere Black Sabbath. You know what? As a matter of fact, all Metal bands should revere Black Sabbath. Well, it’s only a suggestion. The references of Black Sabbath are everywhere in the album and mostly due to the musical intent Gomgoma apply to “Efflorescent Graveyards” because it’s purely meant to be heavy as hell. The heavier the best. That’s also a motto that every Metal band in this pathetic and lonely and sad world should carefully follow as Gomgoma did here.

Well, when I say Black Metal my fan would better understand Blackened Funeral Doom Metal a term I guess that fits best with what Gomgoma do here with “Efflorescent Graveyards.” From where I’m standing, I’d also add the term technical or experimental due to the tons of experiments the band does here specially with noise and background effects. The album opens with the tradictional effect of feedback which I particularly find very interesting and gives an aura of musical transgression. “Nausea Sempiternity” sounds much more Funeral Doom than Black Metal though the aesthetics of the band reminds much more Black Metal. However, it’s the intent that matters, isn’t it my dear child of the night? And the intent of all the album is to be Black Metal. The heaviest as possible. I said heaviest not fastest. That’s why Gomgoma opted for slow and shoegazed songs with all the noise and effects and distorion as possible to get the outcome the fan must check out here in “Efflorescent Graveyards.” Following track “To Crap” kicks off with some interesting bass lines full of distortion which gives it a higher level of aggression and attack. All those features make the album a very dense effort to the commom fan. It’s not everyone that dares to listen to this astonishing and experimental noise try. The top of this insane experimentation with all the guitar feedback and noise is reached with “Cardiac Crisis Apparels” which takes it to the other level being a track of effects and feedbacks with some regular stuff in the middle. A sepulcral voice makes its appearance by the middle of the song after the long intro with the guitar feedbacks and other noises made by the bass. The cadence is very, but very slow alomst to the limit of slowness. Yeah, there is a limit that a human musician can play the slowest. The track is vile and despicable. The slow cadence mixed with the effects give an ethereal and bestial mooding.

Yeah, “Efflorescent Graveyards” isn’t the album one recommends to a friend that is just about to Metal. It’s so sick in its complexity that it’s difficult to understand sometimes. I have to say though that the idea is pretty interesting.

Track Listing:

  1. Nausea Sempiternity
  2. To Crap
  3. Cardiac Crisis Apparels
  4. Simpleton
  5. Asstray
  6. Body Halving for the Masses
  7. F*ck on with a Strapon
  8. Suffer the Incubus
  9. Wolverine Blues (Entombed Cover) Live in Athens Jul.07.2011

Watch “Efflorescent Graveyards” full album here: