GRAB Premieres ‘The Inevitable Filth of Mankind’ Official Video Music Video

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GRAB are back with their long-awaited new studio album, The Inevitable Filth of Mankind, out 17 April via F*cking Your Creation Records. The albums marks a follow-up to band’s studio debut, Plague, which was released back in 2008.

Today, Metal Addicts are honored to be able to premiere music video for the title track off new album, The Inevitable Filth of Mankind. Music video is available below.

GRAB is an underground black metal project that was created by Wrath (DØDSFERD, NADIWRATH, LEECHES, DRUNK MOTHERF*CKERS, G.N.L.S.) and War (DRUNK EARTH) in August of 2005, in Athens Greece! Since then they released together 2 demos, a split album and a full length album, Plague…. After the recordings of the 3-way split songs, War disappeared and isolated himself away from all. No contact and no sign of life!

Grab Band

In 2017 Wrath, along with Bacchus (DØDSFERD, Lotus Circle) activated this project again and in 2018 they released an EP, Praying at the Whorehouse Church honoring the name of this uncompromising horde and paying respect to the legacy of War! After the release of it, N.D. (ISOLERT, LEECHES, SØRGELIG) and Goatlord (IMPERIUM INFERNALIS) joined Grab on drums and bass and recorded the second full album, The Inevitable Filth of Mankind that will soon be released by F*cking Your Creation Records!

The Inevitable Filth of Mankind track listing:

  1. Standing Breathless from a structured space
  2. The Inevitable Filth of Mankind
  3. A Hollow Figure from the Past
  4. Altar of Revenge
  5. Evil Unbound
  6. Our Star of Chaos Shines Supreme
Grab The Inevitable Filth of Mankind
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