GRAMMA VEDETTA Are In An ‘A.C.I.D. Complaint’

Heavy rockers GRAMMA VEDETTA are back with their new EP ‘A.C.I.D. Compliant’!

 The band commented:

“We started recording this album at the end of 2019, like millions years ago, when the terms “wearing a mask” was only related to party and Halloween and Social Distancing was the protection against your garlic-eater friend.

While we were looking for a replacement drummer, we thought that would be nice to release something for our audience so we asked our friend Teo to record the Drum parts of songs that we played live for a while but never released. The plan was to release it early January, so, on board of the DIY train, we spent a few good evenings in the studio and our Xmas Holidays to mix the whole thing.  We were really excited about the result, but when in January we found the new drummer and started writing tons of new songs, we decided to wait and keep the material for a full length.

Then the pandemic, the lockdown, and all the world went on standby. And we wrote our own spacey blues song over lyrics about this weird and continuous lucid dream.

One new song ‘remotely’ recorded, three songs ready since January, the artwork ready since October, and since we don’t know when will it be safe going into our studio again we decided to release the EP to the world!”

Gramma Vedetta

Dan M – Guitar / Vocal / Synth

Basetta – Bass / Backing Vocals/ Synth

Dan S – Drums

Drums on Hangup My Boots, Dumb and Dumbest and Porthole – Teo Ravelli


Drums on A Lucid Dream – Daniele Signorello

Mixed and Mastered by Daniele Murroni @ McCoy Cave.

Artwork by Poison Project (

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