GRANDE ROYALE Just ‘Take It Easy’

“Take It Easy” is the new album from Grande Royale.  The album holds eleven tracks of Scandinavian rock with a strong southern influences: music that speaks the universal language of rock.  The album mixes things up by adding brass, soul choirs to the guitar-filled music. “Take It Easy”is the fourth studio album by Grande Royale, succeeding the live album Captured Live” from 2018 and the studio album “Breaking News” from 2017, all released by The Sign Records. Grande Royale released “Take It Easy”on the 13th of September.

The album is produced by Ola Ersfjord, who has previously worked with Imperial State Electric, Honeymoon Disease, Primordial, Tribulation and Dead Lord.  Since the release of their previous studio album “Breaking News,” guitarist Gustav Wremer has taken over vocal duties in the band.   Vocalist Tove Abrahamsson appears on two tracks.  The album artwork is made by Revolver Design.

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