Grande Royale – Take It Easy

Is Metal Addicts a Heavy Metal page? Yes, definitely.

Am I a heavy metaller? With all my heart.

But why in hell you keep on filling up your pages with non-Metal bands like Grande Royale and “Take It Easy”?

The answer is pretty simple. Because Grande Royale represents a new generation of Rock bands with their music strongly influenced by bands as The Rolling Stones and the 1970s great Rock generation. To me “Take It Easy” represents that Rock way of life is not dead as I used to think. As I told reviews before the future of Rock is its glorious past. Moreover, because Rock as a style is a forefather of Metal. My intent is to show the new generations of metalheads where they come from. Metallers are fans that learn and feed from the old generations I have no doubt about it.

Of course, if you pay close attention to “Take It Easy” you’ll notice some modern features in it, but that’s natural. Grande Royale are not a tribute band, they are a living band that writes their own material. There are hundreds and thousands of bands that influenced them I believe being so some influences of modern music will happen naturally. For that “Take It Easy” doesn’t sound anachronic. To begin with first track “Bring It Up” sounds like “School of Rock” from the eponymous movie – nah, I’m not kidding. Grande Royale use and abuse from wind instruments which in my opinion give them a that 1970s taste they are loioking for. But mostly tracks sound like as The Rolling Stones and take that as compliment.

As most of their peers Grande Royale love catchy and singalong choruses as in “On and On” and others. If you don’t watch yourself you are mumbling them like you don’t care. So pay attention my hardcore child of night.

Most will say that Grande Royale are water under the bridge. Well, maybe so. But I’d rather listen to Grande Royale than a lot other stuff that is around. I really mean it.

Grande Royale “Take It Easy” was released on September 13th via The Sign Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Bring It Up
  2. Out of Gas
  3. Hands up
  4. Sweet Livin’
  5. Cogitator
  6. Decelerate
  7. Ms. Sunshine
  8. Baby You’re a Fool
  9. Going Strong
  10. Standing in My Way
  11. On and On

Watch “Standing in My Way” official music video here: