GRANDMA’S ASHES Launch Music Video For New Track ‘Spring Harvest’

Photo Credit: Charles Schneider.

France’s alt-rockers GRANDMA’S ASHES unveil bucolic new video for their gripping song “Spring Harvest“. In the middle of their upcoming album’s recording sessions, the three-piece offer a charming and timeless breakaway. Get psyched by their enthralling Hole-like new footage! Check ou the music video for the new track below.

Hypnotic, experimental and impertinent, GRANDMA’S ASHES‘ sounding sweeps a lot of clichés away to deliver something new and bold, between alternative, psychedelic and progressive rock. Surprising as always, the Parisian trio found another smart way to roll out their talent by crafting a new video “Spring Harvest“, a 90s rock-inspired song contrasting with sensual floral footage.

The band comments: “Spring Harvest is for us a kind of ode to loneliness and its one-night stands to fill it, for a while. We were very keen to convey the almost teenage melancholy you feel when dreaming of love, tortured, alone in bed, abandoning to the ecstasy of the senses to better lose yourself.”

Video directed and edited by Julien Metternich. Shot at Shapes Studio, Paris (France).
Music recorded and mixed at Bruit d’Avril Studio (Paris, France) by Fred Lefranc. Mastered by Fabian Tormin.

As inspired by the current heavy psychedelic scene than by 90s alt-rock, Paris-based trio GRANDMA’S ASHES stand out with powerful progressive riffage and sarcastic narrative lyrics. Their self-released debut EP ‘The Fates’ (2021) is a dazzling introduction to their bold sonic personality, showcasing complex saturated guitars and heavenly vocals. Kadavar, Hole and Mars Red Sky seem to hang in a distant esoteric planet, where black humour is the official language.
Offbeat, brilliant and entertaining, the three-piece are real live performers. Their hazy sounding and impactful vocals easily create theatrical atmospheres. Freshly endorsed by Oranges Amplifiers, they are going to wreak havoc on stage for a while! Grandma’s Ashes are currently finishing the recording of their new album. More details to come soon.