Grass – Fresh Grass

Grass “Free Grass” is the lost link between Black Sabbath and the the modern Doom Metal with generous doses of the so called “grunge.” To whom it may concern, Black Sabbath, Doom Metal and “grunge” have a lot in common. First of all the same roots, which is Black Sabbath the band which brought into light the magic of playing shoegazed songs with a strong and scented guitar. Well, everybody in Metal music knows the mastery Tony “The Dark Lord” Iommi writes his riffing. Doom Metal and “grunge” are strongly based on sabbath’s philosophy of writing songs. I say that with all the certainty I have in my heart with no fear of being wrong, though the term kids are using nowadays is stoner. No problem with that.

“Free Grass” shows us a piece of this in tracks like “My Wall” and “Black Clouds” where the guitars are shoegazed, but vocals are clearly “grunge” oriented as Soundgarden and Alice in Chains used to do. The riffing of “Black Clouds” is purely sabbatish reminding us the cadence of some Black Sabbath’s songs. As we came this to light, the song is kicked off by a strong and full of effects bass line calling the eye to it. In general, intros with bass call the eye because they are a bit scarce. Following track “Fire” stands out from the general spirit of “Free Grass” with a midtempo cadence to give the album more strength and to show the world that Grass can improve their writing and show something different. Did I say different? I did, but I mean that Grass are a band that are able to follow paths that are included in their repertoire of musical possibilities into the kind of Metal they are intended to perform.

As I keep on saying here, Metal is open to many influences. Of course, it doesn’t mean we’re going to write a pop review here, but we’ll explore all facets Metal music has from its basis to its modernity. Grass are in the middle of all this. A great band with a very detailed and strong musical intent.

Grass “Free Grass” was self-released on February 22nd.

Track Listing:

  1. Amnesia / My Wall
  2. Black Clouds
  3. Fire
  4. Runaway
  5. Easy Rider