Graveworm – Killing Innocense Review

Graveworm is such a hell of name for a band. Killing Innocense is such a hell of name for an album as well. Both names together are invincible. This one starts with the right foot. No doubt about that. In “Killing Innocense” Graveworm go into the same vibe of our last review where aggression where put face-to-face with an outstanding melody dealing with them with balance. Here, though, it’s other kind of melody. One much more related to an acoustic classical music inspiration. “Killing Innocense” isn’t a neoclassical album, but there are some relevant elements of it. Its intent tells much about it. Mostly about the acoustic guitars that are everywhere in the album. Those elements are wrapped into an Extreme Metal garb that gives it the power and the glory any Metal music feature must have. The hard guitars are embellished and empowered by a harsh and cruel vocal that leaves no doubt about the origin of their strength. They come from the guts. The come from the very inner parts of the darkened soul. The constrast done by both sweet and harsh is really something that raises the eyes as they were conceived to work as opponents and not as complementaries. These are very differents intents when making music.

“Killing Innocense” is sandwiched by two acoustic oriented tracks as album welcomer “Escorting the Soul” and its piano which gives an eerie mood to the track and grand finale “In Honour of the Fallen” where the acoustic perks are at the end with a gentle and also eerie acoustic guitars. So, the album kicks off with melody and finishes up with melody. A track whose sound describes exactly the tittle is “Where Agony Prevails” where my dear child of the night will feel the exact dose of agony and despair the tittle tries to pass. The symphonic passages are the ones which give this perfect feeling not vocals as many peers do. The gentle piano of the album opener comes back with “A Nameless Grave” where vocals do here the job it’s nexpected from them that is to pass the exact amount of helpless despair the tittle describes. From a nameless grave many emotions are expected. The parallel I can remember right now would be the unknown soldier whose grave is nameless. Well, the emotions envolved are just the same as it would be expected.

Graveworm “Killing Innocense” will be released on April 28th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Escorting the Soul
  2. We Are the Resistance
  3. Wicked Mind
  4. If the World Shut Down
  5. Dead Words
  6. Where Agony Prevails
  7. A Nameless Grave
  8. End of Time
  9. Wrath of Gods
  10. In Honour of the Fallen

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