GREAT LEAP SKYWARD Release Self-Titled Single Off Upcoming Album ‘Map Of Broken Dreams’

Australian progressive metal supergroup GREAT LEAP SKYWARD have released ‘Great Leap Skyward’ – the second single from their upcoming record ‘Map Of Broken Dreams’, out August 31st via Metalapolis Records. The self-titled track is a journey through groove, prog and heavy metal to create a wall of sound that encapsulates the aggressive-yet-subtle attack that GREAT LEAP SKYWARD produce with their music.

Written and produced by frontman Luke Besley and mastered by the legendary Ermin Hamidovic (PERIPHERY, PLINI, ANIMALS AS LEADERS, Devin Townsend), ‘Map Of Broken Dreams’ is a refreshing, yet aggressive take on progressive metal that is sure to turn a few heads.

GREAT LEAP SKYWARD is comprised of vocalist and guitarist Luke Besley, bassist Matt McConaghy, drummer David Allen and guitarist Jim Munro (who is best known as the guitarist of Australia’s past premier thrash outfit 4ARM, who toured with SLAYER and GOJIRA in 2013 across North America).

Luke Besley speaks about ‘Map Of Broken Dreams’: “‘Map of Broken Dreams’ is an intense, layered progressive metal album with instruments and influences from all walks of music, creating a unique aesthetic and atmosphere. The combination of sounds and features from across genres external to metal gives a unique experience unlike any metal album you’ve previously heard and defies classification or bounds to one genre.”

‘Map of Broken Dreams’ is out August 31st via Metalopolis Records.

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