GRETA VAN FLEET’s Guitarrist On His Band’s Rise: ‘That’s A Bizarre Thing Right Off The Top.’

Sometimes success twists one’s mind for how fast it happens. That’s the way things happen sometimes with the weird music industry. Jake Kiszka talked to ABC12 about the rising force of his band, Greta Van Fleet:

“We’ve grown up playing together really and we’ve probably been a band for about six years. There has been no rest for how quickly, I think, things have gone. It’s all happened in within under a year and a half.

“We’re in a situation within the industry, and within the musical world, where people now associate us and talk about us, and that’s a bizarre thing right off the top. It’s still is a bit weird because you don’t know how to interpret that.”

Focusing on the Grammy nods, Jake said:

“It was an explosion of people reaching out, that’s kind of how I found out. It was just like, ‘Hey, congratulations, congrats.’ And I was like, ‘On what?’ ‘Oh, four Grammys.’ ‘Nice.’ It was great, it was more shocking because it was so unexpected.

“For me, it entirely takes me to a different world. It’s completely transcending. It’s like, that’s the best feeling in the world, so you keep coming back to it.

“It’s a very emotional personal thing – when you’re looking at someone in the audience. Sometimes they cry, sometimes they get a big beam and they blush or they smile or wave. It’s such an intimate thing that I’m sharing with someone else and they’re sharing with me.”